2009 Theory of Constraints Workshop Information

2009 Workshop Registration

Several years on … not sure how you found this page but nevertheless, thank you for your interest in our 2-day workshop.

The current version is still intensive, with a great deal of knowledge transfer – we cover a great deal of new ground (and, important new ground) right up to the final bell on Day 2. Many managers tell us they consider it the single best workshop they’ve participated in.

While it’s not the intent, companies have taken this material directly from the workshop and implemented it immediately, often with no further involvement from Synchronix other than a proud phone call a few weeks later and an invitation for us to visit the plant to see what was achieved.

One recent participant boosted on-time performance from the 60% mark to the mid-90’s in a job shop, reduced the lead time by 50% or so and consistently shipped 10% to 15% more with virtually no change in personnel and in a few weeks. Those results were on top of a 4-year Lean implementation. You can draw your own conclusion about the value of the Lean implementation.