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Steve Jackson and Rod Gelhorn (see our consultant biographies) already had a combined 40 years of industrial and consulting experience when we formed Synchronix in 1994.

In 1994 Steve had been an expert in the technology known as Theory of Constraints, or TOC, for 6 years, working with Eli Goldratt''s organization and building on 11 years of ERP/MRP experience (22 implementations) and 6 years of industrial experience. (Yes, that makes me a grey-hair today).

Rod had been Plant Manager in 3 different plants, including a start-up from green grass. After leading a Total Quality implementation in one plant he quit to become a TQM consultant, with a leading US quality improvement company.

These days Steve specializes in front-end education and the strategic aspects of the TOC, and in the Sales, Marketing and Throughput Accounting applications.

Rod is also a Theory of Constraints expert, specializing in the shop floor and in distribution applications. He's a scheduling genius in terms of finding ways to schedule production environments of all kinds, even where the data is often lousy or non-existent, computer support is minimalist, everyone is set in their ways and no-one has time for him. Check out the case studies for examples (click on "Proof" on our home page).

Usually by ourselves, sometimes with veteran colleagues, we provide all the elements involved in an implementation – education, training, consulting (lots of hand-holding in implementations), and even - where appropriate - software.

For 18 years we avoided using 3rd party software ... we worked with whatever systems a company already had in place, and typically used Excel spreadsheets for added functionality. (Unless you saw it, you wouldn't believe what Rod can achieve with Excel). However, some of the TOC software these days is just too good to ignore, and it shrinks both the implementation lead time and the project budget. Realistically it provides a better implementation, and we now work with this software whenever possible.

I need to stress that our focus is not on delivering Theory of Constraints; our focus is on delivering results, and we have a superb track record. We use the TOC because it's simply so powerful; but we have no hesitation in pulling in other bodies of knowledge - elements of Lean, or TQM, for example - as necessary.

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