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Assuming you’ve checked our customer testimonials etc, and so you have some reason to believe we know what we’re doing, and that we have clients that are very pleased with our services, then … talk to us. You can always try phoning in the hope we’re there to answer (we’re at 604-668-3253) … but ideally, let’s schedule a call so we can be prepared and can give you our full attention.

Schedule a Call

The easiest way is to just email us using the Contact Form below, suggesting a couple of different dates and times when you’re available for a 15- minute discussion. We’ll email you (or your secretary) with a commitment to a date and time.

That’s all you have to do.

You can choose to do more, if you want.

For example, let us know in the form a little bit about the company (in any case we’ll Google it, of course), and more specifically what your major questions or concerns are, so we can be fully prepared to use both your and our time effectively.

Remember to suggest 2 different dates and times, and (optionally) any major questions or concerns.