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What our Clients say about Synchronix Technologies…

We will gladly provide company names, contact names and telephone numbers of our Theory of Constraints (TOC) clients to anyone seriously exploring the use of our services.

I’ll bring this up to date some time — but it should be comforting to you that we have success stories and testimonials going back more than 30 years.

Don’t forget, though, that the validity of the TOC technology can be further established simply by using Google, searching for:

theory of constraints success stories

toc success stories

… you’ll find a vast array of stories of MASSIVE success.

Synchronix Testimonials:

“A year earlier we had done $1.6 to $1.7 million in sales for a month and there was overtime, Saturday work and stress. This time, when the company reached the $2 million mark in monthly sales the plant didn’t even realize that the company was having that busy of a month until the results were announced. There were no ill effects, no overtime, and inventory also dropped. With the restructuring of processes (using TOC) sales not only grew but became more profitable.”

              Owner and President, Kitchen Cabinet company

“I can tell you that in the Fall, with relatively little increase in headcount and using exactly the same equipment, we were able to record 60% more revenue than in our previous best-ever Fall – which, at the time, we thought was close to the plant’s maximum production.”

            Owner & GM, furniture manufacturing

“Your work with us … has resulted in a significant increase in volume. We have improved from a daily average of 189 tons to a daily average of 237 tons in the past 3 months … this is “found” capacity that we now fill with the orders we were previously turning away. Additionally we did not change any of the crewing levels and did not have to spend any capital.”

            VP Ops, steel-related industry

“I also want to thank you for leading us in the 2 days [company] sales retreat. The insight that we gained into our business was eye opening and we are already in the process of implementing the changes that were identified.”

            GM, component manufacturer, fabrication and assembly

“Since implementing the Theory of Constraints approach to shop scheduling and control, we have doubled our volume and gone through all the teething troubles of increased headcount, new equipment, and taking on new products, yet we’ve barely missed a single shipment date in the past 2 years.”

            Owner & GM, garment manufacturer

“The first year after Theory of Constraints with 1 employee our gross sales grew 66%. This second year – safe to predict a 20-30% gross sales increase over last year, still only 1 employee and some part time help. Our cash flow has soared, we have eliminated the need for an operating line of credit, the company has cash in savings, cash in checking, and has for almost 12 months now. Clean shop, good jobs, cash in hand, bills paid, happy employee, happy wife, all because I took a chance to change my thinking!”

          Owner, very small Custom Cabinet manufacturer

“Took the company from a 35% loss to profitability in less than two years – reduced inventory 80% with increased customer service.”

            VP Operations, wood components manufacturer

“Without exception, their approach to working relationships was professional, respectful, cordial and positive. They inspired our staff to develop strong teamwork bonds, always generating enthusiasm and respect from the groups they worked with. The business and personal integrity of both Steve and Rod is unimpeachable. They demonstrated honesty, dedication to their mission – if they ever felt that they had failed to convey a principle, or clarify a process, they would do double duty, on their own account, to elucidate, explain and discuss, ensuring that understanding was achieved.”

            Sr. Vice President, Pharmaceuticals manufacturing & packaging

Of course, we have more.

For example, the cabinet maker’s biggest problem was door supply … so we worked with their major door supplier, too, and they emerged as having the shortest lead time and most reliable on-time delivery in their marketplace. (On time performance was measured by one customer at 98%, in contrast their nearest competitor was measured at 47%.)

Then there’s the heavy equipment manufacturer where a product with 1800 components (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic) came together – including front-end engineering – in under 21 days, which was a tad faster than their competitors took to process and order and ship from stock!

But there’s an important point to make here – we’re not brilliant!

While I wish I could claim personal brilliance … the reality is that the Theory of Constraints body of knowledge is simply so powerful that even a not-very-good implementation will produce superb results; better results in weeks or months than most other technologies will achieve in years.

When you add decades of working with the Theory of Constraints, familiarity with Lean, Six Sigma and ERP, and experience in management and in owning and operating a small manufacturing and distribution business  … it’s not a surprise that Synchronix’ track record of success is superb.

Here’s the ultimate proof of the raw power of the Theory of Constraints:

One company’s record of success only gives you a “slice” of the big picture.

But more than 400 published case studies, world-wide, were reviewed and compiled in a book “The World of the Theory of Constraints,” by Mabin and Balderstone.

Now, 400 implementations means committed management teams and not so committed ones.
Strong managers and weak managers.
Expert consultants and not so expert.
Different company sizes, industry types, products, market places, different stages in a company’s life-cycle and in the economic cycles in the market at the time.

Their findings?

The AVERAGE results – so some worse, some better – were:

  • On-time delivery: ……. 44% improvement
  • Lead Time: …………… 70% reduction
  • Inventories: …………… 49% reduction
  • Revenues: …………….. 67% increase

I hope you agree – as average results over 400 implementations, these are extraordinary.

If you’re interested … we are just beginning to document some case studies in a little more depth – the problems the company faced, the shape of the Theory of Constraints implementation, the results, and the lessons learned.

If these testimonials cause you to be interested in exploring how this could work for YOUR company …

Take the easy first step.

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