The Fast Track To Serious Results

Some companies define themselves by their technology – “We’re a Lean company” or “we’re a Six Sigma company” or “we’re a TOC company.”

If you would rather be good at making money than be good at following the edicts of a technology, then here’s a fast-track that works.

1.  Educate yourself as to how TOC techniques provide a fast track to serious results with or without Lean and Six Sigma; AND how Lean and Six Sigma can then be applied with massive leverage on competitive and  profit performance.

You can best achieve this via one of our workshops, either a public workshop or a company-dedicated session.

By the close, you’ll understand exactly how our approach is able to get such large results so quickly; how they are sustainable; and you’ll be VERY confident that an investment in taking the next step will unavoidable prove worthwhile.

As an incidental side effect, if you have any “action oriented managers or supervisors in attendance they’ll make changes following the workshop that will already make a significant profit and performance difference. We’ll try to discourage them from doing this, but we are resigned to the reality that we can’t stop them. What they learn simply makes so much sense, it’s best to just get out of their way.

2.   Now with complete confidence that the approach will pay off for you, ask us to conduct an Assessment of what it will take to make it work in your environment.

This takes a few days on site, followed by some analysis and planning. What you get as an outcome is a clear picture of how it will work in your environment, what benefits you can realistically expect, what the major obstacles are and hopw best to overcome them (you’ll have a lot of input into that, of course; then, what the shape of an implementation will be, how long it will take, what resources will be involved, and how much you can expect to pay.

THEN you’re in a position to make a meaningful decision; and you and we will know exactly what to do when you say “go.”

3.  Then we move into the steps of implementation identified in the Assessment.

We’ll typically be looking to have the scheduling, shop floor control, and buffer management systems providing you with lightning lead times and superb on-time delivery in 90 – 120 days, along with reduced WIP and reducing Finished Goods inventories, and a plant that’s able to pump out 20% to 40% more from the same resources.

And we’ll provide unprecedented levels of support for you, with as much hand-holding as needed while your own internal skill sets come up to par, so when we leave you, you’re rock solid in continuing the improvements.

4.  Then your sales guys can start hunting.

And we can help them with that, too, if they need it; TOC offers some effective and unconventional marketing and sales tools.