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Four New Information Products …
aimed at getting massive results, quickly

We have 4 Unique and Valuable Information Products in development.

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Product #1: A 15-page Executive overview, “What it really takes to see fast, massive results with Theory of Constraints.”

This is a high-level view, warts and all, of the “shape” of a typical Theory of Constraints implementation in a small to mid-sized manufacturing environment, including:

  • The Assessment, preparation, systems design, implementation planning, education, training and implementation phases
  • Types of results, and the factors which most influence them
  • The most common obstacles, and how to overcome them
  • The potential negative side effects, and how to avoid them
  • Comparisons to highlight the differences, similarities and synergies of TOC with Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma

Price: Free, with an instant download of a pdf file.

Product #2: A 15-page Executive overview, “Leverage the power of the Theory of Constraints in your Lean or Six Sigma implementation.”

While TOC advocates will claim that a stand-alone Theory of Constraints implementation will outperform a Lean or Six Sigma implementation, the reality is that many more companies are “into” Lean and Six Sigma than TOC, and have no interest in changing direction … but some of them ARE interested in anything that can accelerate and amplify the Return on Investment from their current implementation.

This is a very realistic Goal. The Theory of Constraints is powerful enough that even in a limited role it can make a major difference to the results being recorded by implementations of other improvement technologies, and pragmatic managers willing to compromise a little on the dogma of the alternative bodies of knowledge can reap great rewards.

This report is a high-level view of the major how-to opportunities, the potential rewards, and the major obstacles.

Price: Free, with an instant download.

Product #3: A 4-section Voice-and-image PowerPoint presentation on CD of the most common manufacturing applications of the Theory of Constraints.

This is a HUGE data source; the full presentation (all 4 sections) was an 8-hour presentation from a Lean Conference where the TOC presentation was offered by conference organizers as both a “contrarian” and a “synergy” body of knowledge. Updated to 2008, this is suitable for individual or group use, and accompanied by a slide-only version for internal use by someone capable of presenting the slides.

This presentation includes 4 sections, each broken into smaller segments for convenient learning.

  1. An introduction to the TOC, focusing on measurements to be used by manufacturing businesses. This includes a comprehensive invalidation of Cost Accounting as a basis for decision-making, and highlights some of the ways that Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma can be applied more effectively as a consequence. Participants will gain a common set of principles for process improvement, a common set of measurements to identify the real opportunities for improvement and measure real impact, and a common vocabulary for improvement.
  2. A review of the application of Theory of Constraints to Production, an approach also known as Synchronous Manufacturing. This goes into some depth on the technique known as Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) with mention of the variation known as s-DBR (simple DBR). The characteristics that make this technique so powerful are clearly presented, along with the aspects in common with and in contrast with Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma.
  3. A review of the Replenishment solution, useful for Distribution and Supply Chain environments, and a key feature in some of the Mafia Offers involved in the Theory of Constraints Sales and Marketing application.
  4. The Sales and Marketing solution, including the concept of the “Unrefusable” or “Mafia” offer which supports very aggressive sales. Our emphasis is on the application of a Mafia Offer, rather than its development – so, touching on many of the more practical sales organization issues that have proven to be associated with implementing the Mafia Offer in reality.

Price: To be announced. There are other bonuses for anyone who registers as an Early Bird.

Product #4: The Small Manufacturer’s Blueprint for Fast, Massive and Sustainable Profit Growth.

There is no equivalent to this on the market, anywhere.

This distills all our experience over 20 years of Theory of Constraints implementations to form a complete implementation and execution blueprint aimed at small- to mid-sized manufacturers – where computer systems are typically inadequate and incomplete, data is either missing altogether or else unreliable, managers are often overloaded and resources stretched to the point where no-one has time for a project such as this.

This 2-volume (2-binder) 600+ page step-by-step blueprint comes with an accompanying CD with Excel-based examples of the DBR systems in use at our clients along with the PowerPoint presentation we use for initial education and buy-in, details of the exercises we use for training employees, and interviews with some of the most experienced TOC consultants in North America (some of whom also work Internationally).

Contents include:

  • A solid introduction to the TOC technology, the Drum-Buffer-Rope technique, and the broader Synchronous Manufacturing approach that includes DBR but also synchronizes all the elements within a manufacturing business. This is written in plain-speak, not consultant-speak, and if you’re concerned about poor grammatical structure or some occasional strong language, this isn’t for you.
  • An implementation guide, starting with exactly what my partner and I are looking for when we first walk through a company’s doors (or sit down with a manager outside the plant), and the subsequent analysis … through all the stages to a successful implementation. This isn’t a book of documents (the project charter, structure of a committee, etc) … this is a down-to-earth how-to guide aimed at practical managers wanting to get results, fast.
  • The CD, including an 8-hour narrated PowerPoint slide show covering the 4 major TOC applications related to manufacturing (see Product #2), a no-sound version of the slide show, 2 examples of how an Excel spreadsheet can be used to provide a powerful DBR scheduling system, including Buffer Management, and a suite of interviews with the TOC consultants we most trust covering many aspects of the TOC – from applications such as DBR and Replenishment through Sales and Marketing, and even addressing issues of leadership. These are available both as audio files suitable for loading onto mp3 players or iPods, and as pdf files for reading.

Price: To be announced. There will be substantial benefits for Early Bird registrants.