Theory of Constraints Information Products

We have a number of information products in development.
The first of these is

The Full Roadmap: The Small Manufacturer’s Blueprint for Fast, Massive and Sustainable Profit Growth.
There is no equivalent to this on the market, anywhere.

This distills all our experience over 30 years of Theory of Constraints implementations to form a complete Education, Implementation Planning & Execution blueprint aimed at small- to mid-sized manufacturers – where computer systems are typically inadequate and incomplete, data is either missing altogether or else unreliable, managers are often overloaded and resources stretched to the point where no-one has time for a project such as this.

It will be available both as a single-user license and as a Plant-wide site license.

The second is a Management Briefing of the same Content.
Whereas the Full Roadmap is comprehensive and detailed, aimed at providing everything necessary for a manager and a team to implement TOC, the Management Briefing is for those people (managers and staff, all levels, all departments) who need to be aware of the nature of the implementation and how they might be called on to play a part.

Again, this will be available as a single user license and as a single-plant site-wide license.