Job Shops, Custom Products & Engineered Products

What’s possible:

One client offers a 5-day turnaround on a highly complex product in an environment where order volume is very high, order volume is highly variable, and EVERY order is unique. Their competitor (last time I checked) wasn’t even in their ball park for lead time or on-time delivery — because for more than 5 years these folks NEVER dropped below 98.5% on-time and were mostly in the 99.9% range.

Another used to promise 10 day turnaround for their custom products and deliver mostly in 16 – 18 days, until they implemented TOC. We took them to a state where they were promising 8 days and delivering in 6 … and sometimes in 5 or 4. While they increased their sales volume substantially. And again, EVERY order was unique and again, there was a high volume of orders and again, there was high variability in the order volume and the product mix.
One of their customers was in the USA and reported that our client’s on-time performance was 98.7%. Their nearest competitor, close to them in the USA, had NEVER been better than 47% and their quoted lead time was substantially higher than our client’s. (But our client didn’t make the models they supplied so they were stuck with them ….)

TOC works beautifully in Job Shops, where every order is unique, the routings are unique, there are no standard times, and if a company took the time to build a BOM and Routing in their ERP system … well, the order should already have been produced and shipped!

TOC also works beautifully in environments where there might be days or even weeks of up-front custom engineering before the shop floor gets the chance to work on the product. In most environments of this kind the product is already late by time it hits the shop floor and production is a nightmare of chronic expediting. We can apply a unique form of project management to the front end of this type of work that typically shrinks the engineering time and means the factory has ample time to perform its work with no juggling of priorities.

Of course you should be. But we can back this up.