Theory of Constraints TOC Consultant Vancouver, BC, Canada

Theory of Constraints Consultant (TOC Consultant) Vancouver, BC, Canada

Management Consultant Steve Jackson, a partner in  Synchronix and certified by TOC-ICO as a TOC Expert in all 6 designations, first introduced the technology known as TOC,  Theory of Constraints, into Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1988.

As President of the local APICS Chapter, and with a CFPIM designation (Certified at the level of Fellow in Production & Inventory Management) Steve had regular exposure to all the standard and leading edge bodies of knowledge at the time but as a management consultant in Vancouver, where there’s a preponderance of small manufacturers, Steve was looking for a technology that had a some specific criteria:

  1. Fast results
  2. Large results
  3. Sustainable results
  4. Results could be gained independent of any computer system
  5. Results could be gained in less-than-perfect environments i.e. where data is missing or inaccurate, there is little “fat” in terms of personnel to work on any improvement projects, and where the majority of management and staff are not business-school graduates – rather, they have grown up in the school of hard knocks. For example, there were (and are) many family owned businesses.

At the time Steve specialized as a management consultant in manufacturing environments of all types; and prior to his extensive training in the Theory of Constraints (TOC) during 1988 to 1994 he had extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of MRP and MRP II systems (evolving in the 90’s into ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning systems).

The best selling book The Goal by Eliyahu (Eli) Gooldratt was not Steve’s first exposure to the Theory of Constraints technology; that came from an APICS International Conference in 1983, before The Goal had been published.

Today, Theory of Constraints in Vancouver, BC is the favored technique of a small cadre of manufacturers — representing a variety of industries — who enjoy the performance advantages.

TOC in Canada (Theory of Constraints in Canada) continues to grow as a “movement,” never reaching the peaks of other popular improvement technologies but showing a level of steady growth for more than 20 years. Speaking as a certified TOC expert and a long-term TOC consultant Canada is a target-rich environment for the nature and scale of improvement offered by Theory of Constraints and Synchronix Technologies.