Theory of Constraints Case Studies

Detailed Case Studies of our clients’ Theory of Constraints Implementations

We always learn, from every implementation. It’s our internal version of Continuous Improvement.

So if you’re into performance improvement – and you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t – you might find some of our insights valuable.

Over time, we are documenting a range of implementations in the form of the problems a company was facing, the shape of their particular Theory of Constraints implementation, obstacles and issues arising in the implementation, the outcomes (warts and all), and what WE learned from the implementation.

We are of course careful not to reveal too much – both for purposes of confidentiality and because our clients don’t hire us just to implement systems, they hire us to help them kick their competitors’ rear ends. We do not want to give away blueprints of exactly what we did.

But there’s a LOT to be learned from the broader picture, and we can still get into some issues at a good level of detail.

For now, here’s a link to the details of our first-ever implementation. The report was co-written with the GM of the client for publication in a Furniture magazine, and I’ve edited it a little to keep the names out because it WAS a long time ago. However, some of the “players” are still around, and still available for comment, the last time I checked.

The article is 100% appropriate to today, incidentally. The only changes are, we can do much more for a client today than we could then – but what this company achieved just with the basic Synchronous Manufacturing application, as it existed almost 20 years ago, is outstanding.

But you be the judge. Visit the RTA Furniture Factory Case Study.