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If You Qualify … Your Logical Next Step

Interested? Then take the easy next steps.

1. Sign-up now to receive our (approximately) monthly newsletter, “Inside Edge on Improvement” – where we’ll explain some of the “Insider’s” perspectives, tips and techniques that make an enormous different to the success of your performance improvement efforts.

There’s gold in every edition; we give away “secrets” in this course that not 1 manufacturer in 100 knows. And I’m not trying to hype this up; these literally ARE secrets, in terms of … most manufacturers simply have no awareness of them whatsoever.

2. Schedule a (free) 15-minute phone call. Click the link, give us 2 possible dates and times when we can reach you, we’ll confirm by email, and … let’s talk.

3. Consider inviting us to deliver a 1/2-Day Introduction to Theory of Constraints Session on-site … or to conduct 1-day “First Assessment.”

The 1/2-day session is stunning, and typically rocks managers back on their heels with some of the immediate insights they gain into cause-effect impacts in their business.

And the First Assessment, while only one day, is powerful.

In a single day of visiting your operation and talking to a few managers on-site, we can give you a solid, rational and fully justified sense of the nature and the scale of the opportunity in YOUR organization, the most obvious sacred cows and some of their implications on your performance, the type of improvement you should expect, the general direction of how you could get there from here, and our recommendation for your most sensible next step – should you choose to take one.

Incidentally, my partner and I – with a combined 60 years of industrial experience do all the work ourselves. Assessments, education, implementation.

No juniors.

And yes … several more steps down the road, if you see that a clear-cut opportunity for massive, sustainable improvement is PROVEN to your management team’s satisfaction, and if you choose to discuss the option of us working with you to turn it into reality … we will certainly consider linking a significant portion of our compensation, to your results.

And, offer you terms that give you the potential for a positive cash flow from your improvements while the project itself is still “live.”

So … sign-up now. And schedule that call. It’ll only take you 2 minutes.